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The Making of Making Up

The Magic of Making UpAs one of the best selling guides to how to fix a relationship, The Magic of Making Up offers a practical approach to resolving a marriage crisis or resolving a broken relationship. It is written for both sexes, and provides a schedule with a course of action for each step. [read more]

Getting Her Back For Good

Getting Her Back For GoodGetting Her Back... For Good by Michael Webb Romantic Extraordinaire. Unlike other products in this market, Michael Webb makes a point of saying that his book is NOT about shallow manipulation or obvious trickery. Rather, this book teaches you how to become a better YOU so she’ll want you back. [read more]

How Do I Get Him Back?

How Do I Get Him BackBob Grant is the self-dubbed “Relationship Doctor” whose signature title is How Do I Get Him Back.

This is a plan with a number of specific tools, such as scripts which give you what to say to get him back. Other tips to win him back are based on strategies that are designed solely for men, and won’t work on women. [read more]

Your Marriage Savior

Your Marriage SaviorMichael Cross is the self-proclaimed Your Marriage Savior, which is a product aimed at men only.

This system consists of two manuals and two audio CDs. Michael promises that after reading chapter one of the first manual, “Unleashing The Lion”, you’ll have a better understanding of women than 999,999 out of a million guys. [read more]