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Pull Your Ex Back

Pull Your Ex Back by Ryan Hall shows how to get a guy back using psychological techniques, mind triggers and tricks; it instructs on how to turn the situation around and create a sense of loss in your ex’s mind. The aim is to make them start missing you and the love that you’ve shared.

This 93-page book covers a range of break-up issues. Examples of the topics included are: winning back your confidence, how to get in control of situation, the real reason for the break up, how to make them need you, what to do if they are dating someone else, avoiding common mistakes, etc.

Also included are strategies and methods to keep your ex in your life for good once you both are together once again.

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4 Stars

Actual Customer Feedback:

“…you will probably not only get your ex back, but you’ll get him so completely addicted to you that he’ll never want to leave you again.”
Portion of actual user comment on boyfriendboomerang.com

“It provides a lot of information which if used correctly will have your ex eating out of your hands.”
Portion of actual user comment on myrelationshipmakeup.com

A little bit like Matt Huston’s Get Him Back Forever book, Pull Your Ex Back uses the more ‘edgy’ techniques, but it has to be conceded that the users are very satisfied on the whole.

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